1970 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel

1970 Ridge Jimsomare Zinfandel


The image above is a photo of the wine label on the empty bottle. The wine is the famous 1970 Ridge Zinfandel from Jimsomare Vineyard. This vineyard is located approximately half-way up the steep Monte Bello Road which ultimatley takes you Ridge's original ridge-top winery in the Santa Cruz mountains. The vineyard site is a cool one, often too cool for Zinfandel to properly ripen. However, every now and then weather conditions favor the creation of a superb and unique Zinfandel. In David Darlington's fascinating book, Angel's Visits - an Inquiry into the Mystery of Zinfandel, Robert Parker, Jr. is quoted as having said that the 1970 Ridge Jimsomare was "...the single greatest bottle of Zinfandel I have ever tasted."

I missed my chance to buy this wine when it was originally released in the early '70's. However, in December of 1998 Ridge offered to sell me a couple of bottles of this wine from their private library stocks. I jumped at the chance even though the cost then was $70 a bottle. Here are my two subsequent tasting notes:

April 20, 2000: Medium-dark color with a touch of brown at the rim. Mature, ripe aromas of great complexity, with notes of dried fruit and plums, and hints of dill typical of Jimsomare. Minimal tannin. Probably at or just past peak but it should hold for years.

July 13, 2002: This is an amazing wine, it was better than the first bottle. It held its own in a dinner pairing with a 1970 Chateau Latour and a 1970 Beaulieu Private Reserve. What a fantastic Zinfandel!


  • Amazing shot! Lovely colors! Wonderful.
    print your own stamps @ 2011-03-18 03:33:53
  • Does anyone want a chance at another bottle?
    Patty Goodwin @ 2012-05-23 12:54:57